Our Motto:

"When they mess with you - we mess with them"

Web Enforcement Inc. provides copyright and related enforcement services for web publishers. This blog outlines our services and introduces our highly skilled operatives.

Copyright and web problems - Get Protection

We provide web enforcement services to assist web publishers who have suffered from the following;

Scraped Content
Aggressive or unhelpful user comments.
Forum Trolls ( Excessive and self promotional posters)
Affiliate Hijacking
Page Hijacking.
Clickbomb attacks.
Online game nuisance players
People who are just a bloody nuisance on websites.

Have you been plagued by any of these problems? Then you need protection from WEB ENFORCEMENT INC.

You don't need a credit card to use our services. We will call to collect payment each week. Just make sure the money is ready.

Please see below for our range of services and staff details.

If you wish to use our service please contact Mad Mick at Web-Enforcement-Inc.

Copyright and web problems services and prices

We are pleased to present here a summary of our main services. Please remember that these services can be tailored to your individual needs.

1) Trace culprits IP address and other web identifiers - $100
2) Infiltration of culprits email system - $200
3) Clickbomb culprits Adsense account - $50 per day/attack ( 200 click session)
4) Send "Mad" Mick Murphy - verballing/frightener of culprit- compliments of the house with any order over $100
5) Broken Leg - $400 Please add $50 if you require use of a sledghammer rather than the standard baseball bat.
6) Broken Arm - $400 (Same qualifications as for broken legs)
7) Kicking culprits teeth down throat - free with any broken leg or arm order.
8) The "Platinum" package. Full details on personal application.

Please note that with the Platinum service you are required to purchase the Gold package from our sister company Alibis R Us.

For packages 5 6 7 and 8 you may select your preferred operative from the list below.

Mad Mick Murphy

We are pleased to introduce one of our founding partners "Mad" Mick Murphy,

Mad Mick is a Computer Tech graduate from MIT specialising in network tracing and email system infiltration.

Mick decided some years ago to broaden his range of skills and took a Phd at the Tony Soprano School of Interpersonal Influence and Technology (TOSSIT).

Mick tells us that having experienced scammers and spammers himself he realised that there was a vast market on the internet for protection and retribution services.

Mick prefers to use a baseball bat but is seen here preparing for a Platinum job